Barista Training Courses

Whilst the bean and the machine can go so far in creating a great cup of coffee, the barista is probably the most important player in the whole process.

A good barista will know how to set up, maintain and control the machine. They will know how to grind the beans to get the right level of flavour. They will know the difference between the perfect double espresso or a Tall Skinny Macchiato and serve them perfectly.

Sadly, good Baristas don’t grow on the same plants as coffee beans which iswhy we offer a comprehensive training programme to suit every level and can be delivered on site or at our dedicated Barista Academy.

If you are serious about creating a team of Super Baristas then you need to ensure they attend our Barista Academy so you will establish a reputation for delicious coffee.

Our Barista Coaches will show you the insider secrets in an environment where you can truly understand all you need to know about coffee, espresso machines and the super powers of a Barista.

Barista Essentials Course

Barista Train the Trainer Course