Interior Design Tips for your Coffee Shop

How you design your coffee shop is key to creating the perfect experience for your customers. One important thing to remember is that coffee is a social experience so you want to create a coffee shop that will make them want to visit with their friends, family or colleagues. There’s so many different themes you can choose from so we have a few pointers for you to help you decide where to start:

Target market 

One important question you need to ask yourself is who is your target market? This will influence how to design your shop. For example, if you want to cater to the student market, it might be an idea to have plenty tables with access to electrical sockets, to enable them to use their laptops. Also, comfy seats and sofas would be a must, if they wanted to sit and read a book with their coffee. You may also want to have bookcases to create a cosy library feel.


There’s so many different possibilities for the kind of environment you could have in your coffee shop. Focusing on key aspects such as lighting, furniture, décor and signage will help you create your desired feel. Here are some ideas to inspire you:

  • Boutique – create a sophisticated and boutique environment in your coffee shop by using a mixture of bright lighting, neutral colours and polished furniture. Flowers (real or fake) would also look really nice! And when it comes to the coffee cups, simple but stylish would look great.
  • Cosy/Homely – create a cosy feel in your coffee shop with big sofas and fabric cushions; warm lighting with plenty of lamps dotted around (not too bright – more of a mood lighting; perhaps a fire place wouldn’t go a miss either!) Wooden furniture is a must for creating this environment. And if it’s Christmas time, don’t forget the fairy lights! 
  • Rustic – if you fancy a rustic theme for your shop then the first thing you need is a big wooden counter – unpolished and rough around the edges! If possible, an exposed brick wall is a great for creating a rustic impression but if not, some kind of exposed woodwork would also look the part. Wooden chairs are also the way to go, along with wooden tables – both with rough unpolished wood – they don’t even have to match! Stools are also a great idea. With regards to decoration, old fashioned picture frames and prints work well to keep the rustic feeling consistent as would some old fashioned ceramic coffee mugs.
  • Funky/Unique – if you’re looking to create some different and unique, this is where you can have a lot of fun! If you want something quite funky, then inconsistency is key – you can have several different kinds of tables and chairs thadon’t match. Bright colours would also look good –colours that clash with each other will definitely make a statement! When it comes to the counter, you could have almost anything but the more unique the better! Perhaps something that looks like an antique or something very modern – it just depends on your imagination!
  • Modern – for a modern environment in your coffee shop, a bright and clean feel is what you want to achieve. For example, leather seats and wooden tables, white ceramic surfaces, aluminium frames on the glass cabinets, bright lighting, and polished wooden flooring. Also, neutral colours throughout would work well to create that modern finish.