Coffee Presentation Ideas

If you are looking for a few ideas for adding a touch of art to your coffee, then it requires a touch of inspiration, amazing technical ability and a whole lot of dedication to create some truly sp

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Barista Basic Essentials

This course is aimed at enthusiasts working within the coffee industry. Barista Basic Essentials is a great course for your staff who have recently started using the espresso machine, ensuring they have a complete understanding of equipment, coffee product and process enabling them to develop their skills in the art of good coffee practices and preparation.

Training Room

A dedicated area for training with working espresso machines, grinders and accessories.

A study area with comfortable seating and working space for theory learning.

Barista Training Courses

Whilst the bean and the machine can go so far in creating a great cup of coffee, the barista is probably the most important player in the whole process.

A good barista will know how to set up, maintain and control the machine. They will know how to grind the beans to get the right level of flavour. They will know the difference between the perfect double espresso or a Tall Skinny Macchiato and serve them perfectly.

Myrtle Espresso Barista Training Academy

Myrtle Espresso have great pleasure in announcing the launch of their barista training academy situated at their head offices in Burntisland ,Fife.

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