Happy Hour

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Artisan Coffee

We are so passionate about sourcing and supplying great tasting coffee that we have built relationships with some of the finest gourmet coffee growers in the world.

Available in small batches or ‘micro-lots,’ these beans are distinctive with exceptional quality and cup flavour. These are then hand roasted and crafted to perfection using the skills of our Master Roaster, who develops the unique characteristics of each and every bean, for the ultimate coffee experience.

Seasonal Coffee Flavours

One more thing we LOVE about coffee is that it’s the perfect beverage all year round! 

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Our Coffee

A great coffee starts with great beans. We have quite literally scoured the earth for what we consider to be the finest coffee which delivers the perfect balance of strength with a distinctly smooth and magical taste. And rather than making massive batches of blends which can dull down the flavour, we use a comparatively smaller roasting technique to ensure a full and fresh flavour.

Ethical and Fairtrade

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