Barista Basic Essentials

This course is aimed at enthusiasts working within the coffee industry. Barista Basic Essentials is a great course for your staff who have recently started using the espresso machine, ensuring they have a complete understanding of equipment, coffee product and process enabling them to develop their skills in the art of good coffee practices and preparation.

Training Room

A dedicated area for training with working espresso machines, grinders and accessories.

A study area with comfortable seating and working space for theory learning.

The course covers the following and will assist you in gaining an insight into the correct process required to produce speciality coffee drinks.

  • Coffee/freshness/preparation
  • Correct procedures of using the espresso machine
  • Coffee grinder/settings/dosing
  • Perfecting extraction of coffee
  • Troubleshooting, coffee appearance, smell and taste
  • Milk steaming and foaming techniques-creation of microfoam
  • Speciality coffee drink preparation
  • Equipment cleaning and maintenance
  • Certificate of participation on completion

Our Trainers

  • Training conducted by experienced and knowledgeable coffee specialists
  • 2011/12 Qualified United Kingdom Barista Championship (UKBC) Technical & Sensory Judges
  • Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE Member)

Approx. 4.5 hour session

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