Barista Train the Trainer Course

Barista Basic Essentials

"Good Coffee Practice Train The Trainer" Development Programme

Myrtle Espresso Coffee School was launched to offer independent training and education for Coffee Enthusiasts and professionals in all areas of the coffee industry.

Train The Trainer Barista Course

This course is aimed at enthusiasts working within the coffee industry. Train The Trainer is a great course for your staff who wish to develop and strengthen their training skills, ensuring they have a complete understanding of providing fundamental training techniques to enhance and develop the coffee making skills of others, enabling them to increase their skills in the art of good coffee practices and preparation.

Training Room

  • A dedicated area for training with working espresso machines, grinders and accessories.
  • A study area with comfortable seating and working space for theory learning.

The course will provide you with an insight into the correct process required to train effectively using a proven formula. It covers the following:

  • Analyze tasks in order to plan effective training
  • Design short pieces of Barista training
  • Plan/write a training session for 
  • Provide appropriate material to support your 
  • Trainer skills/fundamentals/skill sets
  • Speciality coffee drink 
  • Task analysis/questioning techniques/listening skills/staging your 
  • Certificate of participation on completion

Our Trainers

  • Training conducted by expereienced and knowledgeable coffee specialists
  • 2011/12 Qualified United Kingdom Barista Championship (UKBC) Technical & Sensory Judges
  • Speciality Coffee Association of Europe (SCAE Member)

Barista Course for maximum of four participants

On site programme £120.00 ex VAT per person - Approx 4.5 hour session

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